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History of the Silver Blue rabbit

The Silver Blue is the latest member of the Silver fancy, although the three times it has appeared it hasn’t made an impact.

Silver Blue Rabbit

This variety was first created by Mr Entwistle, of Bawtry. In the year 1887 a class was scheduled at the big show in Saltaire, Bradford which had a fairly large entry. At the time it was thought this colour would really catch on but failed.

The next time the Blue reappeared and standardised was in 1989. It was recreated by, Mr Alan Reice, who crossed Silver Greys with Argente Blues. Again they failed to make the grade to a popular exhibition rabbit. Although Andrew Lethbridge did go Best Fancy at a show in Scotland under the top breeder and judge Meg Brown.

Since then there has been a couple of attempts to bring the Silver Blue back. One was by Mr B Spencer, who used Blue English in their make up. The latest attempt is by using imported Silver Blues from Europe and crossing them with our English Silver Greys, so that they meet our standard.

What of the future. I hope this colour will catch on, if not now someday. Plenty of people have expressed a keen interest in this Cinderella of the Silver Fancy.